“Impulse” opened a line for the production of dispersions

“Impulse” opened a line for the production of dispersions

In October 2021, Impuls, a Sumy manufacturer of semi-finished varnishes and special resins, launched a line for the production of universal styrene-acrylic dispersions. At the moment, the capacity of the new shop is 60-80 tons of products per month. During the development of the project, the manufacturer considered various suppliers of monomers in order to be competitive in the market and produce a finished product with an optimal price-quality ratio. In addition to the release of a universal product, in 2022 the manufacturer plans to expand the range with special dispersions with a subsequent increase in production volumes. The company is considering the possibility of producing polyurethane, acrylic-polyurethane dispersions and other products. However, everything will depend on consumer demand.

According to the representatives of the enterprise, against the backdrop of the current situation in the raw material market in Ukraine and the world, and also taking into account the fact that the production of water-dispersion coatings increases every year and partially replaces alkyd products, it was decided to supplement the range of manufactured components with the types of raw materials necessary for consumers. It should also be noted that the binder for the production of VD LKM in Ukraine is exclusively imported, and there is no competition with domestic enterprises. “Impulse” intends to maintain its position in the market of PF varnish and resins, and new production facilities will develop in parallel with the main direction of the company.

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