Alkyd Urethane Varnish АU(AL)-52N(W)

Technical Specifications У 24.3-24010285-003:2007


Alkyd Urethane Varnish АU(AL)-52N(W) is a solution in white spirit of alkyd varnish. The solution is modified by tall oil fat acids and pentaerythritol, as well as aliphatic diisocyanate.

Application: Varnishes, containing aromatic isocyanates, form coatings with high lightfastness, water- and atmosphere resistance, retain decorative characteristics for a long period while using in atmospheric conditions. They shall be used in the formulations of yacht varnishes, fast-drying priming coats and atmosphere resistant enamels.


Table: Qualitative indices according to Technical Specification У 24.3-24010285-003:2007

Description Requirements as to Technical Documentation
1 Colour (iodimetry scale), mg I2/100 cm3, not darker than

·superior quality

·first quality




2 Relative viscosity at temperature /20±0.5/°С (viscosimeter ВЗ-246, nozzle diameter 4 mm), с 140 – 240
3 Weight fraction of nonvolatile matter, % 50 – 55
4 Hardness of varnish film as to pendulum ТМЛ (type А), standard units, min.

·in one day

·in 7 days




5 Drying time to the point of 3, hours, max. at temperature (20±2) °С 4