Styrene Acrylic Resin for Masonry Paints «Импульс»

Technical Specifications У 24.3-24010285-004:2013


Styrene Acrylic Resin for Masonry Paints «Импульс» is a product of copolymerization of alkyd (methacrylic) acid, acrylates / methacrylates with styrene in organic solution.

Application: It shall be used in formulas as adhesive to produce atmosphere resistant with good adhesion and elasticity varnish-and-paint goods.


Table: Qualitative indices according to Technical Specification У 24.3-24010285-004:2013

Description Requirements
1 Colour (iodimetry scale), mg I2/100 cm3, not darker than 20
2 Appearance Transparent, some opalescence is allowed
3 Purity Some mechanical inclusions are allowed
4 Relative viscosity at temperature /20±0.5/°С (viscosimeter ВЗ-246, nozzle diameter 4 mm), с 100 – 150
5 Weight fraction of nonvolatile matter, % 50 ±2
6 Acid value, mg, КОN/g, max. 10