Cyclohexanon Formaldehyde Resin Solution РСЦФ «Импульс»


Cyclohexanon Formaldehyde Resin Solution РСЦФ «Импульс» is a product of condensation of cyclohexanon with formaldehyde.

Application: It shall be used as additive (0.5 – 5 % from adhesive quantity) in formulations of varnishes and enamels in order to improve decorative abilities of paint coatings. The solution of cyclohexanon formaldehyde resin has good combination with nitrocellulose (НЦ), melamine – formaldehyde (МЛ) and penta phthalic (ПФ) varnishes and enamels. The coatings have high gloss, adhesion to metal, glass, wood and paper.


Table: Qualitative indices

Description Requirements
1 Colour (iodimetry scale), mg I2/100 cm3, not darker than 20
2 Appearance Transparent, some opalescence is allowed
3 Purity Some mechanical inclusions are allowed
4 Relative viscosity at temperature /20±0.5/°С (viscosimeter ВЗ-246, nozzle diameter 4 mm), с 20 – 50
5 Weight fraction of nonvolatile matter, % 52± 2