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About us

Impuls Ltd. Sumy Branch has been known as a manufacturer of alkyd resins and varnishes since 1999. All past years the Company has been developing its industrial potential based on grounded scientific researches.

In the years of 2003 – 2006 a workshop was built to produce the following Goods:

  • ready to use penta phthalic varnishes (outdoor and indoor use);
  • wood glazing, wood protective antiseptic compositions;
  • penta phthalic enamels PF -115, PF-266;
  • glyphthalic primer coatings GF-021;
  • ecologically pure acrylic water-dispersion paints for outdoor and indoor use;
  • parquet and linoleum glue, sauna varnish.

Range of varnish-and-paint materials in the year of 2007 was widened by new types of Goods as following:

  • fast-drying paints for roofs;
  • alkyd-urethane enamels URF-1128;
  • parquet and yacht varnish;
  • priming enamel to cover non-ferrous metal.

Each further year we continued to produce a big amount of semi-finished varnishes and resins.

Some special enamels are to be custom-designed.

The year of 2016 has begun with starting manufacture of sunflower oil for our own needs.